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CIT1: IT Administrator

11 weeks / 198 hours
$5,000 Special Price $3,900

07/10/17 - 09/25/17, 11 weeks
Mon. - Fri., 09:30 am - 12:30 pm

10/02/17 - 12/20/17, 11 weeks
Mon. - Fri., 01:30 pm - 04:30 pm

01/08/18 - 03/27/18, 11 weeks
Mon. - Fri., 09:30 am - 12:30 pm

04/02/18 - 06/18/18, 11 weeks
Mon. - Fri., 01:30 pm - 04:30 pm

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The CIT1 - The IT Administrator program covers A+, Network+ and Microsoft Certified Solution Associate : Windows Server 2016 certification topics.

Students learn a wide range of hardware, operating systems and networking skills needed to support and administer both computer systems and Windows 2016 client/server based networks.

Students gain practical hands-on experience in fully equipped labs as well as the theoretical knowledge to prepare to pass the A+, Network+, CCENT and MCSA certification exams.


Students will learn how to troubleshoot and repair hardware problems as well as rebuild a PC from the ground up. In addition, students will learn how to install, configure and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows 7/8 operating systems and connect it to a network.

Students will learn how to identify the components of a network and determine the most appropriate network design for a given LAN. Students will be able to differentiate between the different networking standards, protocols, and access methods.

Focusing on Windows Server 2016 installation and configurations, this unit covers the initial implementation and configuration of core services including Windows Server installations, storage solutions, Hyper-V, Windows containers, high availability and maintain and monitor server environment.

Focusing on networking features and functionality available in Windows Server 2016, this unit covers the skills necessary to maintain a Windows Server network infrastructure including DNS and DHCP, IPAM, VPN, Direct Access, network connectivity, remote access, DFS, BranchCache, high performance network features and functionality, SDN, HNV and Network Controller.

Focusing on the identity functionality in Windows Server 2016, this unit covers the installation and configuration of Active Directory Domain Services, Group Policy, Active Directory Certificate Services, Active Directory Federations Services and Web Application proxy implementations

Certification Exams

This course prepares students for the following exams:


  • High School Diploma/ GED, and basic computer literacy.

Occupational Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be qualified to be a PC Technician, helpdesk, desktop support, network administrator, server administrator, system administrator or monitoring operator.