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Subnetting Quiz #1

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Q. What are the subnet mask, first available host address of subnet one (NOT subnet zero), and the maximum number of hosts per subnet for the network below? (You need to allow for maximum number of hosts. Also, you can use subnet zero and all-ones subnet. RFC 1878)

Network ID: 167 112 0 0
Subnets Required: 128
Subnet Mask:
1st Available Host
Address of Subnet 1:
Max # of hosts/subnet:

  • Before taking the N10-006 Network+, 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016, 200-125: CCNA, or ICND1 exam, you should be able to answer each quiz correctly at least 10 consecutive times.

  • If you feel that you are seeing an alien's message from another planet, start from the A+ course; we will teach you from scratch.
  • If you think this is the one that you want to learn more about, start from the Network+ course. (You need to have an A+ or equivalent knowledge.)
  • If you know your stuff, but lack certification, take the MCSA course, and/or the CCNA course.
  • If you know your stuff, and are already certified, go to to get real world experience.
  • If this is a walk in the park for you, have more than two years industry experience and possess good communication skills, do you want to teach?
  • This quiz is written in PHP. If you want to learn how to make the interactive web page like this, take the Advanced Web Design course.

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