212.922.1000 Map
The instructor spoke in a clear and vocal voice so I was able to pick up and retain what he was teaching. A very kind and affirm person as well.
T. Ramer | 11/2018
The instructor explained well the course and helped anyone who didn't understand. Lots on the book have been covered.
Sabio B. | 11/2018
Very informative. Will be taking more classes.
Michael H. | 11/2018
Informative and helpful. Miles was knowledgeable and made sure each student understand the subject before moving on.
Gregory V. | 11/2018
It's a basic computer course that everyone should learn before go for higher courses.
Muhammad A. | 10/2018
A+ was very explanatory and useful in practical life.
Z. Malik | 10/2018
Very Informative, covers mostly everything in A+ course.
Steve Y. | 09/2018
Instructor was excellent. Great Info.
F Garcia. | 09/2018
The class gave me a deeper understanding for an introductory level of IT.
Anonymous | 09/2018
Enjoed real life stories, very knowledgeable, very professional.
Chad B. | 09/2018
Great overall. I'm walking out with more knowledge that I didn't know and I'm more motivated to take future classes.
Yuyi F. | 08/2018
I learned a lot of new things that will be useful to me in the future.
Sanyah M. | 08/2018
Easily explained, and amusing instructor who taught in an engaging, fun way.
Anonymous | 07/2018
The course was interesting and our teacher was perfect.
Anonymous | 07/2018
I enjoyed the hands on process with the computers, I was expecting heavy note taking. Miles has great humor too.
Darin R. | 06/2018
Great class. Lots of content and useful info.
Anonymous | 06/2018
The classes cover all curriculum. The instructor takes his time to explain all topics and protocols as the class comes to the understanding.
Angelika D. | 06/2018
Overall, this course was very good. I learned a lot about computers and networking.
Anonymous | 06/2018
It introduced me into a whole lots of things I did not know about compputer, network and devices. Am so glad I took this course.
Kalu U. | 05/2018
This course provided me with many ways to practice for the CompTIA test. The hands-on material was very helpful in understanding what's in a computer.
Jacob M. | 05/2018
Learned a lot of technical terms I was unaware of which has helped a lot at work.
Raphael R. | 04/2018
The course was taught extremely well. The instructor had an incredible amount of knowledge on it and showed me what was expected to be on the A+ exams.
Daniel R. | 04/2018
I think the course was informative. It allowed us a hands-on experience. We were allowed to run through certain aspects of information in textbook which made the course more than just reading and listening.
K. Jackman | 04/2018
It's very hands-on, the material is up to date, easy to understand.
W. Hernandez | 04/2018
I liked the material, I liked the books, questions, website for practice exams and the instructor.
Jim M. | 03/2018
Give him a raise! :)
Svetlana K. | 03/2018
Very informative, really learned a lot.
Anonymous | 02/2018
Everything was laid out so that it was easy to understand and still able to learn more as someone with experience.
Rosario G. | 02/2018
Poignant points about important tools to use as a tech in fieled & exams for A+.
Evens H. | 01/2018
Told me about more stuff that I would've learned on my own. Very indepth.
R. Webster | 01/2018
The instructor is very cool; not only does he carry on the teachings well, he makes us laugh.
Dennis G. | 01/2018
Instructor has good experience and motivates to pass the exam & study.
Maksym L. | 12/2017
I like the classroom, the fact that each student has access to a computer expedite the learning process. Bravo.
Annonymous | 12/2017
It is an eye opener for computer/IT career
O. O | 11/2017
It helps me to see how important technology is for my career.
F Fernandez. | 11/2017
I enjoyed it a lot, I learned a lot and I look forward to another class at NYBI.
Erika B. | 10/2017
The instructor was very clear and straight to the point. Learned so much during the course from start to end.
X. Mui | 10/2017
Miles was very knowledgeable of information on this A+ class and was abole to do so with a high spirit.
Joshua W. | 10/2017
Great Coverage of subjects and explanation of terms. Very easy to understand and knowledge shows on subjects.
Bryant P. | 10/2017
The instructor had a humorus personality that kept me interested in the course. He explained the steps slowly and carefully for veterans and newcomers.
Keenan D. | 09/2017
The instructor was great and informative, his presentation was organized and thorough of each topic he covered.
Anonymous | 09/2017
I found the class very informative; Prof. Leacy did a great job, breaking down cmplex IT material into interesting and useful.
Liam K. | 09/2017
Miles is not only a master Jedi level instructor, he is also a down to earth, nice guy with a witty sense of humor.
Timothy M. | 08/2017
We coursed a broad range of topics and the pacing was right.
Anonymous | 08/2017
The course was very informative. A lot of information to take in, but I rather have a lot of information than little.
M. Charles | 08/2017
Course was very understandable. As an introductory course, nothing presented was too complex for those new to computer tech.
K. Arjune | 07/2017
Very good in communication, explains the hot keys for the tests. Very fun that moves the class going easy.
Bruno M. | 07/2017
The course is really good.
Elson T. | 06/2017
Clear and structured teachings. Good balance of hands on training and notes.
Anonymous | 06/2017
Given the Limited time we were allotted, the instruction was very good.
Kaliym T. | 05/2017
The course was amazing! Miles is the best :-)
Karine S. | 05/2017
Mr. Leacy is good teacher. Knowledgeable and helpful. His dad jokes are funny too.
Anonymous | 05/2017
It was that I'm expecting.
Andres B. | 04/2017
Miles is very patient, speaks well & helpful. Looking forward to his Network+
Jarrett W. | 04/2017
I came here and didn't know anything about computer. Since I took Miles Leacy's class, I can say I'm improved on computer and I made the right choice to take this course.
Gideon O. | 04/2017
The instructor was very helpful and courteous. One of the best instructors I've come across.
Albert A. | 03/2017
Miles was smart but funny. Made it enjoyable to be in class with.
Jonathan H. | 03/2017
I like his jokes!
Nicole W. | 03/2017
Expert, professional!
Mike S. | 02/2017
I was very satisfied with the pacing and how Miles talked all of the subjects
Timothy T. | 11/2018
Course was explained and covered properly. The insturctor was available for questions.
Mamadou D. | 11/2018
Miles went into details with all the information about Network+
T. Santana | 10/2018
The subnetting explanation opened my eyes on how to do it. I couldn't quite grasp it before and this helped a lot!
Marlon B. | 09/2018
Great! A lot of coverage on Networks.
Harold T. | 09/2018
I did networking in college, but it was a rough overview of the topic. This class was a great help in understanding the concepts better
Zico C. | 08/2018
Went into IP and subnetting in great detail, which made it easier to understand.
Robinson T. | 07/2018
Well versed classes. Pacing and exercises done just right. Learned new things about IP, networking, routers, etc.
Angelika D. | 07/2018
Excellent instructor. He is very informative and descriptive.
Anonymous | 07/2018
Taught concepts well.
Andrew M. | 06/2018
Very informative. Fun & clear.
Alberto S. | 06/2018
Excellent session with great information. Professor was explaining everything in simple way. It was great experience.
Manish K. | 05/2018
This is my second class w/ Miles. Both times were incredibly educational. Nothing was rushed and he slowed down accordingly.
Kelly G. | 05/2018
Great class, excellent instructor. Learned a lot.
Svetlana K. | 04/2018
I have finally learned how to subnet. That alone is worth the price of the course.
Jim M. | 04/2018
Class was very informative and learned a lot about subnetting and the basics.
Sher M. | 02/2018
It was a great way to quickly learn a lot about Network+.
Zachary M. | 02/2018
Very descriptive + informative. Hands on with the virtual PC kept me interested.
Gary F. | 01/2018
Miles explained me topics in depth and I was able to understand complex topics with ease.
S. Kaiser | 01/2018
I really loved the way Prof. Miles taught sunetting and CIDR, because it was very thorough and well explained. At times it was a lot of information, but of course not everything can be learned in a month.
X. Mui | 12/2017
Teacher was very thorough and attentive to my needs.
A. Barry | 12/2017
Great instructor, keep on teaching the future depends on network professionals
J. Espinal | 10/2017
Clear & Concise. Not boring.
James A. | 10/2017
Did a very good job at covering broad subjects and exam objectives that needed to be covered and also noted areas to explain in detail.
Thomas L. | 09/2017
Miles is a master at teaching CompTIA N+. Goes at the right pace. Answers questions, gives really good in sights about scenarios. Miles the god!
A. J. | 09/2017
Course prepares for CCNA. Very insightful, thorough.
T. Marcano | 08/2017
Miles was very thorough with explantions of hex, bin and decimal. He helped me understand almost everything.
Antonio D. | 08/2017
Everything was great. Wish we had maybe one more class.
Alex D. | 08/2017
Extremely informative and went at the perfect pace to keep up with all of the information.
Timothy T. | 07/2017
Miles is pretty awesome. I had him for A+ and was great too. The man seems to know everything.
Norberto C. | 06/2017
Very informative, learn a new things. Happy to e here.
Alberto L. | 06/2017
More advanced than the A+ as expected. Completed more pertinent exercises and got homework.
K. Toppin | 06/2017
I've taken similar classes elsewhere and my experience at NYBI is what I expect from a school offering technical training.
M. Long | 05/2017
The class was great. A bit fast but to be expected.
Gerry M. | 05/2017
Instructor takes his time to make sure the information is clear and that you understand.
Kevin F. | 04/2017
Well prepared, knowledgeable instructor, engaging. Conveniently located near my work, very big plus.
Yuan K. | 03/2017
Good review of networks and very throughly explained all the topics that were covered.
S. K. | 02/2017
Miles takes the time to explain everything multiple times if needed until you understand. Class size is great.
Fred B. | 02/2017
Excellent pace, information and teaching approach. Very knowledgeable instructor.
Mike R. | 11/2018
Nice hands-on work. Helpfull and funny.
Philip W. | 09/2018
Good sense of humor, keeps the class upbeat. Explain each subject to its full potential.
Robinson T. | 09/2018
Everything was covered, and more. Course labs were practical, which we can use in the real world.
Saedel P. | 06/2018
Great teacher!
Ron R. | 05/2018
The course was a very good course. Mo is great pprofessor.
Anonymous | 05/2018
Jakub D. | 04/2018
Class was great, much of what I learned is based upon actual real-life application.
Andrew H. | 04/2018
Instructor exceptionally knowledgable on all roles and features.
Paul C. | 03/2018
Good Explanation on every single topic and part of the course.
Anonymous | 03/2018
Mo is very knowledgeable and detailed. He is always encourage us to ask questions and patient with students.
Emilie D. | 01/2018
This course has helped me better understand Server 2016 in depth with a lot of hands on labs. I feel priviledged to have been a student in Mo's class!
Richard G. | 01/2018
I was impressed with amount of content covered. I was able to learn new ways to accomplish goals for future projects.
Chris D. | 01/2018
Course was very good.
Paul A. | 11/2017
A lot of usefull, hands on labs that explored worthwhile taughts and also plenty of troubleshooting.
Thomas L. | 11/2017
Mo was very knowledgeable and able to convey ideas
C. Spencer | 11/2017
Excellent, well done.
Dennis F. | 09/2017
The course was clear and easy to understand. I would recommend others to take his class.
D. Jimenez | 09/2017
Mo's command of the material on MCSA and Windows Server was superb. Mo was very approachable and easy to learn from. He is an excellent instructor and I would take his course again.
Darrin R. | 08/2017
THe instructor is excellent and very knowledgeable. Friendly, confidence, skilled and very good in impacting practical knowledge.
Kolade A. | 08/2017
Engaging. Knowledgeable on subject.
T. H. | 08/2017
Instructor handled questions well for different levels of student.
Stephan D. | 05/2017
As always Mo is the best instructor you guys have. Love the interaction & the hands on.
Chu K. | 05/2017
Class and material are very good and learned a lot.
Anonymous | 05/2017
As in the past what makes these courses so valuable is the explanation of topics then follow by real world exercises.
Frank M. | 03/2017
The instructor provided excellent knowledge with practical skills for hands on learning experience. The facilities were more than adequate.
W. Lam | 03/2017
Mo was very informative and patient. Good teacher!
Fernando B. | 03/2017
John was great, took his time to explaing everything so we could understand the course. John really knows his stuff. I plan on taking other Cisco classes with him.
T. Santana | 12/2018
Excellent class, learned a lot, more about Cisco software and hardware. I learn better in classroom setting.
L. Moore | 12/2018
Very clear explanations and paced the course well. Looking forward to CCNP with John.
Michael C. | 11/2018
The course was in depth. I learned everthing I needed to know.
Brandon D. | 11/2018
I learned a lot from this course; I am truly satisfied with the outcome.
K. Hercules | 09/2018
Enjoyed the hands on work and the group work.
Ray W. | 08/2018
The course covered all topics that the CCNA exam will cover. John explained the test and real world scenarios.
Bartlett T. | 06/2018
John went at a fair pace. He was easy to listen to, had reat examples, was open to questions, made the experience a good one.
Wilson M. | 06/2018
Very well taught and executed the course. Best hands on practice ever. Thank you.
Anonymous | 06/2018
John was very informative. He gave very clear direction & was very patient.
M. Dinkins | 05/2018
Very intelligent professor, needed more time.
R. Brigmohan | 05/2018
Overall, the course was very clear, and at a level of understanding. Really enjoyed doing the hands-on lab with the hardware in class.
Katherine P. | 04/2018
Covered most information, broke it down.
Michael D. | 04/2018
Gave me a good crash course on topics covered on CCNA.
Navm S. | 02/2018
The course was straight to action, stratight to the point. Loved it. Professor super knowledgeable.
Eduardo P. | 01/2018
The course was challenging, especially since I don't have any CCNA background, but John was very insightful in a way that I wanted to learn more about the subject.
X. Mui | 01/2018
The instructor is very knowledgeable + brings real world experience to the course. Also provides info about Cisco implementation in the real environment + how to find jobs in the field.
Andre O. | 01/2018
Class was excellent. Mo's explanation couple with the many hands on exercises really help drive home the lessons. The pace of the class was great and I am looking forward in taking the nex class.
Dennis F. | 12/2017
The course was well organized and provided practical applications for real scenarios.
Daniel B. | 12/2017
Amazing and helpful.
Bashar S. | 11/2017
overall, well prepared for the 200-125 exam in 5 weeks.
Arjune K. | 11/2017
Great class, concepts explained thoroughly. Added great verbiage to the content in the book. Hands on labs were great as well. I learned so much!
A. Grant | 10/2017
I feel priviledged to have had John teach me. He included many useful real-time experience examples that helped me understand easily. His instructions were thorough and clear.
Richard G. | 10/2017
I'm very happy taking this course. John is really detailed and he has a great way of teaching.
C. Henrigues | 10/2017
John was extremely thorough, detailed, and explained and answered all questions patiently. I would take John any time he is teaching any Cisco class
D. Rescigno | 10/2017
Very helpful and clear in understanding Cisco device configuration and setup.
Juan G. | 09/2017
Instructor is fantastic. We covered the subject matter in a very logical & praise sequence.
Carlos F. | 09/2017
The overall course is designed very well; hopefully that help us to get CCNA certification. And also great instructor, great enrionment.
I. Lasker | 08/2017
John was very thorough when aked a question about a certain topic. He answered every question I had.
A. Davis | 08/2017
He is very professoinal and patient with throrough knowledge you can tell was gained through experience in the field.
Kaliym T. | 07/2017
Great deal of useful information. Very Knowledgeable instructor.
Kyle W. | 07/2017
I enjoyed the hands-on exercises along with a little instructional/theory to begin the lesson.
W. Lam | 06/2017
Instructor was informative, answered questions, maintained a good countenance when faced with multiple questions from different student.
Bibian A. | 06/2017
I thought the course was excellent! Overall from the onset the hardware, training software, instructor lead material, and course book were very good. This course has peaked my interest in looking into other courses offered by NYBI.
Darrin R. | 06/2017
Professor was very knowledgeable and presented topics in a clear way. All topics that were highlighted by Cisco were covered in class.
Eric V. | 05/2017
Instructor spoke well and kept the pace going smooth. Answered any question and didn't make me feel dumb.
O. O. | 04/2017
Mo is Great.
Dion B. | 03/2017
Excellent teachers with adequate knowledge.
SM I H. | 01/2017
Well organized.
MD Aminur R. | 01/2017
I've had John as a teacher before, and he is among the best I've worked with.
John B. | 08/2018
He is knowledgeable.
Abu T. | 04/2018
Instructor provided many hands-on labs that demonstrated security topics.
Hernan V. | 12/2017
The course provides a lot of hands on experience.
Daniel B. | 12/2017
John is an excellent teachers, I now have a skillset in Cisco security.
Eli K. | 09/2017
Lots of practice, which is good.
J. Thomas | 09/2017
The instructor is very knowledgeable and well-prepared. He has handouts and labs ready for each class, and emails material offered every time. He is patient and helpful.
Michael P. | 06/2017
Considering how long a class session (this is 7 hours, about 4 times longer than a college level class), was handled & organized extremely well.
John B. | 08/2016
The bestest. Very clear, knows all the answers. Lots of hands on practice.
Alberto S. | 10/2018
The instructor is well informed and he was able to communicate the material effectively.
Lael B. | 08/2018
The course is very hands on and fast paced. John is a great instructor and I appreciate his ability to answer any and all questions. He goes the extra step for us.
Carlos F. | 12/2017
The course is very helpful and straight forward.
Isaac A. | 12/2017
Best practice with latest Cisco equipments and the updated CCNP labs. Very Co-operative and helpful.
Haqil M. | 09/2017
The instructor did a very good job. With him, everything was crystal clear. And when he had to use his magic to show the way, he did it so well. There are 3 words to describe the job he did; MAGIC, AMAZING and POWERFUL.
Roody A. | 07/2016
I had a great experience learning from the instructor. He demonstrated that he knew what he was teaching while in class. He has an in depth knowledge of a lot of Cisco technologies.
Arther A. | 07/2016
The professor was able to communicate well on the course and help us to understand it.
Ibrahima D. | 01/2016
Very hands on. Instructor explained and answered any questions we had.
T. T. | 07/2015
The instructor was very knowledgeable and we had great hands on experience.
Yasser A. | 09/2018
Very practical, hands on, good labs.
R Sharma | 09/2018
All topics were well explained. The course also provided valuable practice experience.
Omer L. | 06/2018
Mo is great, couldn't recommend the course or him as an instructor more.
Adam H. | 04/2018
I see the course more like job training than anything. Lessons were very hands-on and I was with classmates who could help. I felt a strong sense of teamwork with each lab.
Troy D. | 04/2018
Great teacher, Very helpful. Mo guides you through the processes so that you understand them.
K. Reilly | 12/2017
The course offers a great amount of time to learn and gain experience with the material.
Chris E. | 12/2017
A lot of information was given in a very engaging way. Mo made sure everyone was keeping pace and he never hesitated to help anyone on answer questions. He had a very good rapport with the class.
Shanon K. | 09/2017
I really enjoyed the course, and feel that the contents I learned would be very usefull in the real world.
Moishy P. | 09/2017
He is very good instructor. The teaching method is very effective.
M. Moin | 09/2017
Instructor really knows his stuff and breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand and remember.
D. Lettley | 03/2017
I think that Mo was a great instructor, and explained a lot of things that may seam too hard to understand at first.
Terrance S. | 12/2016
Prepared me well for exams.
Justin | 09/2016
Coverage of large amount of material in CIT1 course require special skills and the instructor has them.
MD Aminur R. | 09/2016
Classes covered all the material required/needed to pass the CCNA cert exam.
Samer S. | 09/2018
Even better than I expected.
Aron H. | 04/2018
Mo was a great great instructor, great mentor.
Luis E. | 04/2018
Excellent course, lots of hands on labs. Fun class, good mix of students and great teacher.
S. K. | 12/2017
The best thing was the hands on application of the concepts that. I loved that Mo slso went beyond the scope of the CCNA curriculum to each us things taht are applicable in the real world.
D. Lettley | 09/2017
I liked the real world applications in the lab.
D. Castroverde | 09/2017
Mo is a wonderful instructor. Very knowledgeable and dedicated.
Brad P. | 03/2017
I feel confident in moving forward to take the exams in the very near future.
T. Smith | 03/2017
The course was very eye opening. It molded my mind into new networks, actually work in reality not just theory.
Elijah D. | 09/2016
The course was awesome, well structured and flexible.
Pia L. | 06/2016
Great course, good introduction to Cisco.
Ayman M. | 06/2016
My instructor always make us recap using that we studied, which was good. It was helpful to remember.
Mari K. | 06/2016
Excellent instructor
Augustine S. | 09/2016
I felt the course covered a wide array of subjects in regards to web design, graphic design, animation and more. Very interactive and intensive.
Terence W. | 03/2017
Passionate about teaching. He explained the difficult tasks in a simplified way. Motivated students towards goal.
Chie K. | 12/2016
Learned everything listed as advertised with most important topics how to program using php, mysql, html, css and javascript.
J. L. | 09/2016